Dust Suppression with Permazyme 11X – The World’s Premier Road Enzyme Product

Afrizymes is the proud and exclusive distributor of Pacific Enzymes and their phenomenal Permazyme 11X soil stabilizer product.

Permazyme 11X is an all-natural product that is friendly to the environment and will improve most soil compositions. It has been used in virtually every type of climate ranging from the Arctic Circle, the southern regions of Africa, the rain forest climates of South America and the tropics of the Hawaiian islands. Permazyme 11X creates road bases that provide for all-weather travel and eliminates dust problems even under some of the most challenging conditions. It reduces ongoing maintenance requirements and increases longevity. Afrizymes is extremely proud to announce its appointment as the sole distributor for Pacific Enzymes and the incredible performing Permazyme soil stabilizing product in South Africa.

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Using Permazyme 11X For The Ultimate Dust Suppression and Dust Control

Airborne dust or particulate matter results from natural sources such as wind erosion, dust storms, volcanoes, bush fires, pollens and sea spray. However, human activities such as mining, power generation, construction, farming, transportation, and other industrial and domestic activities can significantly increase airborne dust levels. The standard method employed for dust abatement is usually using water. With South Africa’s drought situation and the global scarcity of water, continually using this precious resource only is hardly a viable solution.

Airborne dust poses more than an aesthetic or nuisance problem and raises a plethora of issues ranging from health, safety and environmental concerns, increased maintenance cost and down times. Airborne dust may also cause loss of material, reduced productivity, and factors that affect regulatory compliance and license to operate.

The dust suppression applications of the Permazyme 11x product has proved so successful that the US Federal Lands Highway Administration, the agency that manages 80% of the US land mass, recommends Permazyme for dust suppression and dust control.

The use of the Permazyme 11X product for dust control and as a dust control system provides an incredible solution to dust issues. The benefits for dust control and dust suppression are as follows:

  1. Green Eco Friendly
  2. Cost Effective
  3. Ease of Use
  4. Superior Results