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Afrizymes is a unique manufacturer and supplier of world class superior performing bacteria and enzymes for waste water treatment plants, oil spills, compressed earth blocks, pit toilets, soil stabilization, road construction, cleaning and aquaculture solutions.

Our bacteria and enzyme products are made from start to finish in South Africa and are uniquely extracted from South African soils which gives them a massive home ground performance advantage for a wide variety of effluent industries and solutions.


The majority of current bio-enzyme products contain EDTA which is under serious environmental scrutiny. This substance has been banned by the G.E.N. (Global Eco-Label Network). Our biological and enzyme products are EDTA free making them far kinder to the environment while meeting new Ecocert standards

By not having to import and actually manufacturing products from start to finish in South Africa our savings and value add to our clients are enormous. We avoid expensive local agent mark ups, costly shipping expenses as well as fluctuating and volatile Rand/ Dollar exchange rates.

How green is a product really if it has to be imported from the other side of the world? Just think about the

The secret of better enzyme products and solutions

Afrizymes waste water treatment, oil spill cleanup, pit toilet, aquaculture, soil stabilization and road building enzyme products have industry leading CFU counts (Colony Forming Units) of world class quality enzyme producing bacteria. A higher count of bacterial spores means quicker and better targeted enzyme results in a much shorter space of time. It also means significant cost savings by being able to use less product. Higher CFU counts only tell half of the story. The real secret to the success of our enzyme products is due to the proprietary blend of enzyme producing bacterial strains which intelligently targets the exact effluent for waste water, sewage, oil spill, pit toilet, aquaculture, soil stabilization and road enzyme solutions. Here the quality of the strains used combined with industry leading CFU counts means the ultimate in product performance. Our enzyme products and solutions are able to metabolise waste faster, reproduce quicker, and survive for much longer.

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