About Us

Socio Economic Development

Afrizymes manufacturing technology creates local jobs and assists with the trade deficit in South Africa, while addressing key national priorities of socio-economic development and improvement as well as sustainable environmental preservation.

Our range of road stabilization, compressed earth brick and pit toilet products are the ideal solution for socio-economic development projects in South Africa and North Africa.

Afrizymes enzyme products and solutions immeasurably improve the dignity, quality of life and health of impoverished users and rural and suburban communities.

Enzymes in South Africa and to the rest of the world. Service. Integrity. At Afrizymes our clients come first. World class enzymes, bacterial and bio-enzyme products.

Socio-Economic Development Products

Afrizymes road base enzyme stabilization, compressed earth bricks and pit toilet solutions are the ideal products to be incorporated into the design and implementation of socio economic and community development programmes and projects.

These products and solutions for projects generate meaningful empowerment, livelihood development, income creation, enterprise development and assist with poverty eradication in disadvantaged communities. They provide an opportunity for corporates to work in a joint effort to eradicate poverty through sustainable social and economic development of Southern Africa’s and Africa’s poorest communities.

A principle of our sustainability is to use these products to implement economic development projects as a vehicle or

QUALITY Guaranteed

Afrizymes products are locally audited in South Africa and carry the coveted Eco-Choice eco-label from Heritage Environmental. This means our products are quality guaranteed and made to the very highest international standards. Look out for the Eco Choice logo.